10 Awesome 80s Breakfast Cereals I Want Back

Much like our previous article, Top 10 Saturday Morning Cartoons of the 80s, Saturday Mornings meant two things for 80s kids: Burning our eyes out three inches from a 30″ cathode ray tube and a massive sugar buzz from breakfast cereal that had more marshmallows than nutrients. Here are 10 incredible breakfast cereals from my childhood that I want back and, as a bonus, the commercial that made us all drive our parents crazy at the grocery store to get the essential item that was “part of this complete breakfast.”

1. Gremlins (Ralston)

Ralston was a king at making movie and television-based cereals. Basically, they were all corn, sugar and chemicals. But who cares? They were delicious! Just don’t eat this one after midnight.
Gremlins Breakfast Cereal

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