10 Best TGIF Sitcoms of the 90s

Friday night in the 90s meant cramming our brains with two hours of ABC sitcoms (situation comedies) and getting sent to bed so our parents could watch 20/20. ABC’s TGIF lineup was funny and addressed some serious life lessons along the way. Altogether, 32 different sitcoms ran at some point through the decade-long (and then some) series. While the second run did bring some fun entertainment like George Lopez and 8 Simple Rules, the first run was more iconic and the basis for this list of my picks for the Top 10 TGIF Sitcoms of the 80s.

10. Sister, Sister

Identical twins Tia and Tamera were separated at birth, meet, and convince their adoptive parents who don’t really know each other to move in together so they can be real sisters. It’s a Detroit version of the Parent Trap, really.

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