8-Bit Video Game Tattoos Show True Devotion

Few things in life express undying devotion like getting a tattoo. These gamers know where their priorities are. An 8-bit video game tattoo is either epic or fail. I’m sure there was alcohol involved in some of these.

Why stop at Pikachu? Ash could collect them all! This could be the start of a full sleeve.

Pokemon Tattoo

Deviant Art

Link has had so many design iterations over the years, it’s hard to pick which one I’d want to live with for the rest of my life.

Link Tattoo


In keeping with the Zelda theme, this inked gamer better make sure to keep those full.

Zelda Hearts Tattoo


With a party like this on a gamer’s arms, Garland should be shaking in his boots.

Final Fantasy Tattoo

Deviant Art

I wonder if she also got the little, laughing dog. This is a great alternative to those cliche angel wings.

I can imagine this gamer calling that tattoo shop. “Hey, man, do you have Battletoads?”

BattleToads Tattoo

Deviant Art

This ink is some kind of history lesson featuring every iteration from Pong to the Triforce of Power.

There’s nothing like writing your cheat notes on your arm before the big test.

This player now has invincibility for life.

Saving the planet with just one arm is this guy’s specialty.

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