Carl Warner Plays with Food. The Results Are Just Wow!

When artist Carl Warner plays with his food, the results are amazing. Carl learned to draw as a child in Kent, England and attended Maidstone College of Art. He soon discovered that he was a better photographer than illustrator, and became a successful advertising photographer. One day, while walking through a grocery store, he spotted a portobello mushroom which he thought looked like an alien tree. His new art form was born. He dedicated the next 10 years to developing his Foodscapes series.

Carl modeled Billy Connolly after the famous comedian from haggis, parsnips and potatoes. He wears the bacon and asparagus jacket well, don’t you think?

Billy Connolly by Carl Warner

The Bread Village was made as part of an advertising campaign for La Brea Bread Co. One of Carl Warner’s techniques is to “introduce” people to the composition by placing familiar foods like bell peppers and cilantro in the foreground of the picture. “I often find that placing ingredients in the foreground close to the lens gives the viewer a stepping stone into the picture,” he says. “By introducing ingredients that are familiar to them so that they grasp more easily the fact that everything in the scene is made from food.”


Carl took inspiration from the Grimm Brothers’ story, Hansel and Gretel, in his depiction of the Candy Cottage. “I wanted to recreate the magic of this house made of candy, but without the sinister twist of the witch’s trap,” he said.


Foods of Switzerland is another magnificent entry into Carl Warner’s Foodscapes portfolio.


Dragonfly is one of the more beautifully simple of Warner’s creations. A pod-winged dragonfly perches on a carrot.


Lettuce Seascape was made as part of a BBC campaign called Total Rubbish. “I wasn’t sure that “Totally Rubbish” was the best title with which to associate my work, but inspiring children to look at food in a different way is something that I am very keen to do,” said Carl.


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