Armed Chimpanzee Attacks Filming Drone

Chimpanzees of the Royal Burgers’ Zoo have proven once again in the morning of Friday, April 10th, 2015 how intelligent they are. The second season of the Royal Burgers’ Zoo television is scheduled to include recordings made with a drone with which spectacular images of the animals and their stay can be made from above. Once at the chimpanzee paddock, these intelligent apes discovered the spying plane immediately and the animals armed themselves against the electronic intruder with long sticks.

One of the chimps was perched high in a tree, seemingly very peaceful and happy dozing in the morning sun. The ape, howerver, was armed with a long branch and became visibly annoyed with the drone recordings. The ape waited patiently until the drone just came a little too close. With blazing speed, the chimpanzee revealed his hidden weapon! With a direct hit, the animal took the drone down, where his peers quickly overpowered their catch. Even though the drone was destroyed, the mounted GoPro camera still held some great images!

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