These Wedding Gowns will Leave You Speechless

American novelist Thomas Bell said, “All brides are beautiful.” After seeing some of the traditional styles of wedding gowns from around the globe, it’s easy to understand why.


In Chinese culture, red is the color symbol of happiness and prosperity.

Chinese Wedding Dress


Indian bridal dresses is often a red and white sari. A bride may wear multiple dresses on her wedding day.

Indian Wedding Dress


Pakistani and Indian wedding dresses are so similar that they are often confused though often include frock components as well.

Pakistani Wedding Dress


Traditional and ornate kimonos are traditional bridal garb in Japanese weddings.

Japanese Wedding Dress


In Korea, both the bride and the groom wear a traditional hanbok.

Korean Wedding Dress


Dresses and tunics are increasingly popular in Turkish weddings.

Turkish Wedding Dress


Red dresses, gold head coverings and henna tattoos adorn Sudanese brides.

Sudanese Wedding Dress

Sri Lanka

The Innaik Koori is a type of silk sari common in the Sri Lankan wedding.

Sri Lankan Wedding Dress


Wedding wear in Indonesia is highly dependent on the cultural customs of a particular ethnic group.

Indonesian Wedding Dress


A red dress called an Ao Dai is specially designed to enhance the bride’s figure.

Vietnamese Wedding Dress

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