Was that Standard on the DeLorean?

Today marks exactly 10 years since the death of automotive visionary (and alleged cocaine trafficker), John DeLorean. While his name is synonymous with the iconic feature car of the 1985 movie, Back to the Future, he also created a number of other well-known street slayers such as the Pontiac GTO, Firebird, and Grand Prix as well as the Chevrolet Vega. He founded the DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) in 1973 after producing only 7,000 of Doc Brown’s DMC-12 vehicles. In honor of the anniversary of his death, we tracked down the rare promotional sales video for the DMC-12. Sadly, the flux capacitor was not a standard feature.

DeLorean DMC-12 Promotional Video Part 1

DeLorean DMC-12 Promotional Video Part 2


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