Who Could Use These Urinals? #16 is Just Frightening!

No matter where your travels take you, one thing is for sure. You’ll eventually have to pee. If you’re a guy, that means finding the nearest urinal and taking care of business. You might not initially recognize some of these as what they are, but they all share a common purpose.

Urinal Clown

Urinal Creepy

Urinal Flowers

Urinal Fly Trap

Urinal Guitar

Urinal Heights

Urinal Horns

Urinal Keg

Urinal Laughing

Urinal Lips

Urinal Motorcycle

Urinal On The Spot

Urinal Paint

Urinal Pillow

Urinal Public

Urinal Shark

Urinal Shrine

Urinal Soccer

Urinal Television

(Source: Diply)

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