You will Fall in Love with this Bearded Dragon

In Melbourne, Australia, there lives a dragon. One look at Pringle, a four-year old bearded dragon belonging to Sophie Hayes, and your opinion of every dragon in every story will change. Sophie positions Pringle for photographs with various props making him more like a member of the family than an average pet.

Pringle enjoys long bike rides through the streets and community parks of Melbourne.

Bearded Dragon 5

Despite being an Australian native, Pringle often wishes he had Scottish roots. He has been known to play the bagpipes and has a strong golf game.

Bearded Dragon 4

He is well read and enjoys English literature and poetry.

Bearded Dragon 3

Who doesn’t love a birthday party?

Bearded Dragon 2

He tries to get the grocery shopping done on weekends – when he isn’t repairing things around the house, that is.

Bearded Dragon 1

Despite his strong personality, he still snuggles with his teddy bear each night.

Bearded Dragon 9

Video games with Sophie provides a bit of recreation at the end of the work day.

Bearded Dragon 8

Pringle is a dedicated fan of Dr. Who.

Bearded Dragon 7

Pringle is well-traveled and has even been appeared in the New York Times.

Bearded Dragon 6

You can see more of Pringle and his antics in his tumblr feed, SuperPringle.

(Source: tumblr)


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